We have the best hot dogs in town!

Martino’s was started by my mother Mary in 1977. She always told me that she had to open either a restaurant or a grocery store to be able to feed her kids. Thank God she chose a restaurant. In the beginning she had a very limited menu and was only open seasonally. In 1983 she tore down the original restaurant and built the current location. In 1985 she was approached by Summerfest to open a location on their grounds. That was when my wife, Cathy and I (TJ) became involved in Martino’s. In 2000 Cathy and I purchased the restaurant and have tried to follow in Mary’s footsteps ever since.

Over the years Mom has tried to teach us many things. The most important is always remember what the customer expects, great food, friendly service, at a good value. We continue to serve Vienna Brand products because we feel they are the standard by which all other hotdogs are measured. The one thing Cathy and I have decided is that quality is number one and we will not sacrifice quality for price.

Our goal along with our awesome employees is to strive to offer a Great product, friendly quick service at a fair price.

We would like to THANK YOU, our customers for over 30 years.

Please come back and see us soon.

martinos family

Vienna Beef Hot Dog Tour: Martino's

Absolutely best hot dogs in the city of Milwaukee, or even the state of Wisconsin.