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Jun 13, 2012 | General news

Big dog: Summerfest to serve up one-pound, $25 hot dog

By Jan Uebelherr of the Journal Sentinel

A new item on the Summerfest menu for 2012 is hard to ignore: a one-pound Chicago-style hot dog being unveiled by longtime vendor Martino’s.

The price tag: $25.

It may seem like a hefty price, but this puppy – measuring 22 inches long – is the equivalent of five regular hot dogs and will serve four or five people.

It’s served on a loaf of soft Italian bread and, like Chicago-style dogs, carries the trademark pickle placement. But this one has five pickles.

The monster dog will be served in a custom-made boat with handles. A name-that-dog contest is being held by Martino’s on Facebook. Among the suggestions posted so far: Dogzilla, Hercules, Zeus, and Hog Dog.

Summerfest food and beverage director Eric Heinritz says this wurst may get more lookers than takers, but that’s OK.

“It’s one of those things where you get the visual, you get the ‘where did you get that, and what is that?’ People will be talking about the big hot dog they saw down at Summerfest,” he says.