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Mar 8, 2010 | Reviews

Hot Dog Chicago Style Review

We have often heard people describe a Martino’s Chicago Style dog as “Nirvana in a bun”. This place has been on our “must visit” list for a couple of years and we finally had the chance.

Martino’s is a family owned business that has been in the Milwaukee area since 1977. The place is on Layton Ave and is easy to spot with its distinct yellow awnings. For some reason, I had in my mind that Martino’s was going to be more like an Italian deli than a dog joint. Well, I was wrong. When I walked in, to my surprise it appeared to be similar to a typical dog place in Chicago. For a minute, I almost forgot I was in Milwaukee. It was a welcome surprise.

I ordered a Chicago Style dog and then waited patiently while seated on a Vienna branded stool at the shelf in the back of the restaurant. Martino’s also has a fair number of booths as well as some outdoor seating. When my dog arrived, it certainly looked the part. The Vienna dog was on a steamed poppy seed bun and I was happy to see neon green relish as well as the often overlooked celery salt. The pickle was excellent, the quantity of chopped onions was just right and the mustard was applied in the correct proportion. Two thinly sliced tomatoes and two sport peppers rounded out the dog. The sport peppers were a nice shade of green, but their intensity was “ultra-hot”.

Overall, my Martino’s Chicago Style dog was excellent and we definitely recommend it. No need to run to Chicago for a great Chicago dog.

Martino’s has an extensive menu which covers everything from starters to desserts. Besides their classic Chicago Style dog, their menu boasts about nine other dog choices, including some regional variations such as a southern and slaw dog. Every dog comes with fries and most of their dogs are available as Regular, Jumbo, Foot long and Fire (i.e. char dog). Martino’s strives to offer a great product, friendly quick service at a fair price. I think that they met their goal.


Dogs: 8.9/10

Overall: 5/5

Recommended: Definitely